Team Effort

TA:2-5″Light the Way”

Team Attack: 2-5

“Light the Way”

By Alex Rockey

Artist’s note: This story is inspired by the movie “Die Hard 2”, of which I thought of something Dag could of done in place of what ‘John McClane’ did in a particular scene. I like to do these things, where I try to figure what the team would have done in similar situations from movies, shows, and stories. Obviously, I can’t use the exact same stories. Besides being a bad idea and possibly a little boring, I would also need to modify it to accept the team of six and their individual personalities.


One cold, snowy evening, Terri is out at an airport, trying to beat the winter blues. Rather than be cooped up during the snowstorm, she’s out there helping around, with breaks to fool around in the snow. That is, until the power goes out. Not only is it a huge inconvenience, but it seems unusual; there should be backup power from an on-site generator, alas, there isn’t. Not wanting anyone to crash, she swiftly calls upon her friends to help. They oblige with Terri and brave the night blizzard to assist at the airport.

Upon arrival, the team quickly realizes the scale of the problem. Without any power, there is no illumination to see the runway in the nighttime snowstorm. The airport personnel can’t attempt to guide them in without any radio and radar. Thus, the team spreads out to begin inspections and repairs.

The first item to be inspected is the generator. Alas, it is a complete mess. Aisha comments with “Yikes, mate! It’s like somebody tried taking it apart without knowing how to put it back together. Holy dooley, it’s leaking vital fluids from all orifices!” Tilda replies to that with “That’s just the start of the problems, look at this crack in the block! Weak sauce.” Then, Dag tells them “Hate to say this, but, it’s not any better on the electrical side of things. Looks like it had a total meltdown.” Even with Dag, Aisha and Tilda’s skills, it would take a while to repair such a mess. Replacing parts wouldn’t be much faster, since all the stores are closed. Even if they did find the owners to open them, that would take additional time on top of how long the storm would delay their travel. Nonetheless, Aisha stays to work on it while Tilda searches for the fault in the main power.

Dag has another idea, since he is very worried for the people in the waiting airplanes. Quickly, he abandons the team without wasting any time to tell then why, but not before asking Terri if there is a snowmobile nearby. She replies there is none, but does tell him the location of something else. Immediately, he runs off to it and finds a small, go-kart style buggy, equipped for the snow. Thankfully, it is in heated storage, so he doesn’t need to waste time clearing snow and warming the engine. Promptly, he drives off into the night, but it it is soon revealed that someone was watching. What is their idea?

Just as he leaves the property, Dag is suddenly chased by a small group of people on snowmobiles. They are not out to have fun in the snow, as they make attacks towards Dag, suggesting they want him stopped – permanently. He will need to think fast, if he wants to safely get away, especially considering he is in a buggy and they are on snowmobiles.

Meanwhile, Tilda is out searching the power lines. Trudging through the snow with her tools, she eventually finds a hatch in the ground, containing a power junction. With the snow over it disturbed, it makes her believe it this may be the location of the fault. Upon investigation, it is proven true. Thankfully, heavy duty power equipment is something she has experience with and has brought tools for. Leaning over into the junction, she begins working, but, that’s when someone appears unannounced. Before she could notice, they shoot her in the back!

Unknowingly at the airport, the four others continue on. Aisha is still working on the generator, Zach and Terri help the staff and Holt is out patrolling. That’s when the airport staff receive a message, answering the cause of the problems. Apparently, the airport has been taken over by criminals and they demand the staff let an airplane land, get refueled and take off. If there is any trouble from them, the police or attempts to land other planes while the runway is temporarily lit, they will keep the power off, letting the other waiting planes run out of fuel and crash. With how clearly serious it is now, they tell the rest of the team, but there is no reply from Tilda and Dag!

Not wanting to waste anymore time, the remaining team at the airport decide to find the criminals responsible, while searching for Tilda and Dag. It’s believed that it is more than likely the people responsible are nearby. They would need to be within reach of the airport’s power and controls, while being able to keep an eye on what is happening, along with the possibility of needing to access their waiting airplane. Holt still has radio contact and tells the team he found a house nearby of particular interest. Upon Zach, Aisha and Terri’s arrival, it becomes clear as to why. Though in good condition, the house’s windows are boarded up like it is abandoned. It is clearly not, with several vehicles surrounding it. The final piece of evidence is all the electrical equipment. With this knowledge, they call the authorities.

Soon, a special force team shows up. They surround the house and call out the criminals. That’s when a gunfight breaks out. Full auto guns fire from both sides, lighting the night and breaking the silence. From the cover of it, the criminals begin to attempt sneaking out the back to waiting snowmobiles. Once there is reduced gunfire from the house, the special forces quickly notice the starting snowmobiles and give chase in their 4×4’s. They disappear into the night.

Hoping it will be over, the team goes back to the airport, but, find the power still out and the criminals remain in control. This all seems odd, since the criminals are no longer at that house, where their equipment is. However, Dag ain’t having any off this. Without warning, he reappears out on the runway. Using the buggy and a GPS device, he lines a large assortment of battery-operated lights out onto the runway. After rushing back to the control tower, Terri asks him what is going on. Dag answers with “Sorry I left so quickly, but I went home to get my large collection of lights. It’s a hobby of mine. I really couldn’t stand letting them stay in control.” While waiting airplanes use the lights to land, Dag continues to explain what happened to him. He had lost radio signal in the storm, of which was a bit worrisome, as a group had begun to chase him down. “Would have been nice to call you all for help.” Thankfully, he figured a way out. While the buggy did have proper wheels to drive in the snow, the snowmobiles still had the advantage. Until Dag realized he could use the lower traction as his advantage. Since he was strapped in to the seat and protected by a roll cage in a wider, more stable vehicle, he could slip, drift and take more chances. The criminals, however, would crash and/or fall off when they attempted the same risks. First, Dag drifted along a snow embanked curve in the trail. He was able to slide along just fine, but the chaser’s side of the tracks digs into the snow and flips. Next, a chaser approaches dag and brandishes a gun. Quickly, Dag spins the buggy’s back end out, causing the chaser to swerve out of the way. Combined with the flurry of snow kicked up, the chaser loses control and crashes into a pile of snow. Finally, Dag makes a jump past a tree. The roll cage protects him from the branches, but this knocks the chaser behind him off their snowmobile. By the time they righted and got back on their machines, he was gone. This allowed Dag to quickly gather his lights, return to the airport and remove the criminal’s control.

Suddenly, all the power turns back on! Aisha is a bit confused, as she stopped working on the generator and Dag wasn’t doing any electrical work. They wonder if Tilda fixed it, in spite of, worryingly, not being able to find her. Just then, she enters the room! The team asks her what had happened. Tilda explains to them; “While attempting to fix the power, someone attempted to shoot me! Thankfully, the equipment I carried on my back was heavy enough to stop that bullet.” (With that said, Aisha still insists on checking for injuries.) “My radio, however, was not able to.” (Likewise, Dag offers to repair it.) Tilda continues, “Nonetheless, I knew my equipment could handle only so much. Not wanting anymore bullets, I laid waiting for the person to leave. When they did, I went and got the biggest portable generator I could get in such short notice. Good thing there was a construction site nearby.” Apparently, she hauled a large generator from there to the airport and hooked it up.

Finally, one other airplane lands, but none of the airport personnel can identify it. Likely, it is the one the criminals wanted to land. Rather than be assisted by ground crew, it is instead surrounded by the police! Having wasted fuel from having to wait for the other airplanes to land, the pilots are unable to take off. With nowhere to run, this forces everyone on board to give up.

Still, there are more questions: how did the police find out and what about the special force team? That’s when Zach speaks up, stating he had slipped away unnoticed and was the one to tell the police. As for why, it quickly became apparent to him that the special forces team where not who they appeared to be. First, he could tell both sides where firing blank rounds from the look of the muzzle flashes. “There really is a difference in the appearance of the flash when there is a bullet present and not.” Upon arrival of the police, he provided evidence to them by showing the lack of any bullet holes anywhere on the property, in spite of all the shell casings, of which had the crimped ends of blanks. Then, Zach waited in hiding and seen the two sides return and regain control. After the plane landed, he gave the signal to the police. This allowed them to arrest both the criminals and imposters in the house AND the airplane. If he had not waited, the criminals and impostors may not have returned or told the airplane to land elsewhere. As it turns out, they were trying to transport escaped convicts and a large cache of money they stole.

After staying to help a little more, the team return home for warm night’s sleep, knowing they had helped out in a time of need.

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