team attack

TA – Holt’s Off-road Run

Team Attack 2-4:

Holt’s Off-Road Run

By Alex Rockey


We see Holt out hiking in the country. There are many hiking trails to go along, but Holt isn’t interested in them. Rather, he prefers to go where there is no paths, for he has become skilled in traversing where no others have. This keeps his skills sharpened and provides exercise. It has also become a hobby of his. For the serious guy that Holt is, this is what he does for fun. Apart from hiking, he also goes climbing, drives off-road vehicles, assists with animals and practices his self defense. He is very much an outdoorsman. Holt continues along, until something catches his attention…

Seemingly out of nowhere, appears a stray dog. Curious, Holt investigates. At first, the dog doesn’t go near Holt, but he knows how to persuade the dog. Once near, it becomes apparent the dog is tame and trained, rather than a wild stray. Plus, there are bags strapped to the dog’s back, yet, no collar with identification. Finding this all very odd, Holt checks inside the bags. This reveals them to be filled with illegal contraband! This brings the immediate assumption that someone or some people are using dogs to transport them out of the site of others. However, they did not know of Holt’s tendency to go off the paths.

Concerned, Holt takes the dog with him, using some of his rope as an improvised leash, though this is just a precaution, since Holt continues to keep the dog persuaded.

Eventually, they reach a vehicle. It is Holt’s hobby vehicle; a six wheel drive, cabover Jeep, the same one used in a previous job. Before finding the dog, Holt was going to do some off-road driving after the hike. Now, plans have changed. He is going to drive to the police with the dog and the cargo.

When he gets in view of the road, he notices something else amis. An unusual number of people and vehicles have appeared stopped in the hiking trail parking lot and along the road. They do not appear to be here for a hike, as they are looking all around. Wondering if they might be the people looking for the transport dog, Holt decides to not take the chance and take a different route. Looks like Holt will get that off-road drive in after all. Just then, the dog starts barking at the people, who immediately take notice…

One of the people takes chase after Holt. Realizing the situation, Holt makes a call to inform the police. As an extra precaution, he also calls some of his friends. With someone after him, Holt does the same as he did when hiking and leaves the trail. The other person follows him in a large 4×4 truck, but with much more speed. Holt instead chooses to rely on his off-road skills. He weaves along, choosing the path for best traction and avoiding obstacles that could get hung up on. He is doing this with pinpoint accuracy, of which is needed, as he chose a very rough and rocky route. However, this is costing him speed and the other person is quickly gaining on him. That is, until the person’s enthusiasm becomes a downfall. Headed straight into holt’s path, the truck bounces vigorously off the rough ground and slips on the rocks. Eventually, with careless driving and the truck’s long wheel base, it gets caught up on the uneven ground. Now completely stuck, Holt drives out of sight.

Holt continues on and gets in sight of the road, but he still won’t be using it. It appears the people have gotten word and are now scouting along the road. Allas, the route that Holt needs to take is on the other side. He continues on, looking for an alternate path. Eventually, he finds a part of the road that appears to been carved through a hill. On each side are small cliffs of equal height and a few trees atop. How is this going to help Holt get across?

That’s when Holt steps out of his vehicle. From the back of it, he gathers a bunch of cables, anchors and hooks. With those, he begins to anchor them to the ground and tie to trees. With the other ends, he throws them to the other side, hooking onto more trees. After making sure they are tight, aligned and secured, Holt re-enters his vehicle. He starts it, puts it in low gear, begins to move and then drives directly onto the cables.

Holt crawls along the cables. They sag under the weight of the FC6. The precision needed to keep the wheels on the cables and skill to keep from slipping off them is extraordinary. Most would just say it is impossible, yet, Holt proves to be capable of performing this. To make it more risky, he doing this very slowly above the people looking for him. Thankfully, doing it slow makes it quieter and none think to look up. That is, until Holt just begins to get on the other side. One notices the cables, then Holt, resulting in a call to the other searchers. With no time to gather the equipment, Holt drives away.

He continues on through the rough, treed country. In spite of his slow pace, he encounters no trouble. Eventually, he reaches clear fields and can see the road. What he doesn’t see is any of those people searching for the dog. It appears that Holt is in the clear. He drives onto the field and towards the road.

Alas, just as he reaches halfway, several different 4×4 vehicles begin surrounding him. They rushed up from behind him. These people are serious about stopping Holt, who has no weapons. Plus, the flat field provides to way for Holt to use his off-road skills to loose them like before. Just then, an explosion takes place where one of the 4×4’s are!

This mystery is quickly solved, for Terri appears in her Thrasher bugger! Having also been driving off-road nearby, she came to Holt’s call. When the smoke and dust clears, it becomes clear that Terri is shooting explosives in front of the vehicles, creating craters in front of them. She continues doing this to the other 4×4’s, causing the vehicles to get stuck, break axles or lose control when hitting the craters. Her buggy is faster and more nimble than the other vehicles, preventing them from stopping her.

All this noise attracts the attention of the police, who stopped further down the road, where Holt had originally called from. Upon arriving, they find all of the searcher’s vehicles stopped. At first they act as though they are the victims, but the police know they are smugglers. Quickly surrounded by the police, they are forced to give up. As for Holt and Terri, they hand over the dog and the contraband. Apparently, this particular band of police were trying to figure out how this group was transporting the contraband. With Holts help, they now know and can stop further attempts.

The end.

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