team attack

Team Attack 2-2: Cold, Caring Holt.

(Holt is outside in the countryside. He is sitting motionless from high up on a hill while it snows on him. It appears he has been there for a while, as snow has built up around and on him. While holding a rifle with a scope, he patiently watches over the country…)

(As for the rest of the team, they are at headquarters and talking among each other.)

-“While Holt is away, here is a list of jobs to do. Just a bunch of small stuff.”

-“Gee, there looks to be a few days worth of stuff here. I take it he will be away for a bit.”

-“I believe so too. Knowing him, it will probably involve a lot of waiting or traveling around outdoors, so he had us stay here and keep the business going.”

-“Huh. I wonder why he is doing that for.”

When we return focus to Holt, we find him suddenly firing the rifle.

Not much later, there is a couple guys loading up a truck on a rough, snow covered back road. They appears to have walked from a farm in the distance, having come back to the truck with some items. The items being  loaded into the truck appear to be small crates and cages.

When they go to start the truck, it fails to do so. They check under the hood, but discover a hole in the hood and damage to the engine. It appears this is what Holt shot at. Unable to repair it there, they begin walking towards the distant main road. They talk and complain complain among each other the whole time they walking away from the loaded truck.

After using a radio, Holt packs up and begins his descent. He climbs down a steep slope, with help from a climbing cane. Once down, he uses snowshoes to head towards the main road. However, the two guys seem to have traveled in the wrong direction. They may have made the mistake while complaining to each other out of anger. One is falling behind, then turns back. He fails to convince the other guy as to their direction. The other guy throws his bag at him in anger, but they are now too far apart for it to hit the other guy. He goes on walking, until seeing Holt. Upon noticing Holt’s rifle and radio, he comes to the conclusion that Holt shot their truck, then reported them to the police. Now even more angry, he lunges at Holt.

Holt quickly raises his climbing cane and uses the blunt end to jab him in the gut. This knocks the wind out of him, but doesn’t stop him. Continuing trying to hit Holt, but only manages a few hits to Holt’s many more. The guy’s fighting is useless against Holt’s superior skill, but he persists on out of anger. It seems Holt doesn’t want to severely injure him, but still stop him. Noticing the failure of his friend, the other guy throws a snowball into Holt’s face. This allows him to get a few punches in, untill Holt hits him hard in the head with his cane. However, the the other exhausted guy that was throwing snowballs has reached the fighting guy’s dropped bag. From it, he pulls out a small gun.

Just then, some lights behind him catches his attention. Turning around, he sees it is a police vehicle. Out of shock, he drops the gun and tries to run away. Alas, he runs past close enough for Holt to trip him with his cane. Holt holds them back long enough for the police to apprehend the two guys.

Back at the broken truck, police and a bunch of people are around it. Inside, they find various small animals in cages and crates of related items. The caretakers return the animals home and thank Holt.The police inspect the truck, then have it hauled away. Apparently, the two guys had been kidnapping the animals and stealing the items from a nearby habitat, until Holt stopped them. He had heard of this and volunteered his time to help. The police are able to track down the previously kidnapped animals, thanks to Holt’s help.

As for the rest of the team, they still found ways to help Holt. Zack provide a camouflage cover, Day with the long range radio, and Aisha provide nutrition to take along. Terri would even occasionally fly by to check on him. Later, Tilda helped with moving the animals and supplies. This shows that even when apart, the team continued to help each other.

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